Screwed by eBay & PayPal

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I've been a seller on eBay for many years and have always enjoyed the experience.  I love meeting people who enjoy the same things as me and eBay gave me that ability.  Until today I've had nothing but good things to say.  This has now changed.   Short version is I have 100% positive feedback, I do all in my power to make sure my buyers get exactly what they pay for, my listings have detailed photos and when I can, detailed descriptions.  I only post with tracking and insurance and make sure I'm always there to give my buyers a good transaction.

eBay has put a seller level option on that only us sellers can see..  The moment this was introduced I went from a perfect 5 stars on everything with perfect feedback to having my account limited...  I'm like WTF? and call eBay to ask whats happening.

I'm informed that my PayPal account is now limtied with payments takign 21 days to clear.  My eBays been limited to 120 listings and my seller rating is now Below Standard.

I have well over 500 items listed, but they just terminated them, locked up my funds so I couldn't access them and then limited my account.  When I called, they explained that even though they could see I'm a good seller, and could see I did the right thing for my buyers, there was a few cases where items were damaged in transit by Australia Post.   I'm like sure, there was a couple, thats life, I refunded the buyers and made sure the buyers were happy.

This is where I started to get upset, I was told because I let PayPal return the money rather then manually returning the funds myself, this counts as a mark on my name.  I'm like, how can me giving money to my buyers be a mark on my name, thats not fair and your punishing me for doing the right thing.

This man, his name was Nate at eBay customer service.  Informs me that nothing can be done and that eBay policy prevents him from fixing anything.  So years of taking my store fees and loyal service, a perfect feedback history for the whole time and perfect 5 stars on everything, but someone I'm a bad seller..  Well stuff that.

As you can imagine, I'm really upset, they have canceled my listings until my noted transactions are above .. ready for it... 0.3 % ....  Lets just say you have 50 transactions in a year, that means even 1 of them is marked item not received or anything at all, you will be smacked on the hand and have everything limited and be branded a bad seller.

Now lets look at how you fix that. say for example you have 5 items damaged in transit, lost, etc.  This would be a fair number in 12 months.  That means according to eBays 0.3 % rule, you need 1667 perfect sales in a 1 year to not be called a bad seller.

Seriously, 1667 perfect sales with a max of 5 possible issues, this is a joke and I'm furious about all this.  When you call them and ask for help, they do not care how long you have been with them, they don't care you have a perfect rep, feedback, stars, etc..

I hope people realize how many other sites there are out there who are far better on every level, lower fee's, no final value fees, some don't even have listing fee's.  eBay is now a joke and will continue to lose sellers and buyers due to their lack of respect towards us sellers.
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