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When searching for something on eBay, remember that not everyone categorises them in their appropriate category. It pays to utilise the search feature and also to remember that others may spell things wrong or differently. Ensure you tick the box Search title and description, as sometimes the word is not in the title, but contained in the context of the description.


E.g.: a search for  Tread Mill returns 1 item yet a search for Treadmill returns 266 items. Others may call it a walking machine which returns 22 items. It is easy to miss something if you don’t put various spellings. Don’t look in just sporting goods, as someone may have listed it in a different category, so if you search ‘all categories’ you may get a bargain. Also remember it may have been listed under the brand name, so the word treadmill may only appear in the description. On the results page, look for the related searches…these are common alternate names that eBay suggests, which are similar items to the search request.


It is also handy to use the location feature. This can give you a return of the items you are seeking within a reasonable travel radius of where you live. This saves time as you won’t be looking at items the other side of the country.


Just like eBay shopping? Well search for the name of a town near you, ensuring you tick the box Search title and description. This will return all items listed near where you live. Doing this for Treadmill, the result was 406 items. On the left side of the result page you can then select a category that is of interest or browse through the entire list of items. I have picked up some fabulous bargains this way, with not far to travel to collect.


Most importantly be cautious. Never buy off anyone unless I have read their feedback, as you can never be sure. Sometimes misfortune causes people to have negative feedback, but by reading the content you can get an idea about the person.


Finally, when searching for book, do a search of the net to see if the same book is available at some of the secondhand bookshops. This will give you some guidance when bidding. Some people pay exorbitant prices for books, by doing a search you can get an idea of what its worth is. I bidded on a book, which I knew was available for $25.00 at a bookshop, I pulled out of the bidding, but book sold on eBay for $352.00. On the other hand, I have bought some  a lot cheaper than bookshops.

Happy bidding


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