Searching items first

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             SEARCHING ITEMS

It is always a good idea to search for an item you might be interested in, with using the key word function and never settling for the first item you find. Sometimes there can be more than one of the items you are looking for, which might either be closer, so cheaper postage, or selling for a cheaper price. Also some times you might find the item you are looking for in a different listed area than you expected to find it, which is why using the key word function is a very useful feature.

                 WATCHING LISTS

The watching list which allows you to watch items that other people are selling is a very useful feature.

It allows you to list all the items you are interested in, so you can see every time someone else places a bid. This way you only have to log in to your ebay, instead of having to start the search all over again.

Also with this feature, ebay will notify you when one of the items you are watching is about to end, so if you have not placed a bid then you are able to do so before the auction is over.

              THINGS TO CHECK

When considering buying through ebay, it is always a good idea to remember the things to check. Most people do remember to check the small things, but some times they just slip our minds, as things can do at times.

It is always handy to look at the location of the seller, because if an item is big, then postage could end up costing a lot.

Also the preferred payment by the seller is another thing to check, sometimes the buyer will only have paypal as an option for payment. I have found sellers are some times willing to except other payment methods than what they have written in their description. So asking them a question about postage and if another payment option is alright can be a useful thing to do.

Everyone has items they no longer need or want, and with those people being all over Australia, one of them might have exactly what you are looking for.



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