Searching with incorrect spelling

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Buyers guide: How to get a really cheap item

You don't have to be a professor to buy a fantastic item for a small amount

Searching for an item with a misspelled word can prove to be a profitable outcome - for you the buyer.

Not all sellers have perfect spelling when entering their search word for a particular item. Some sellers may inadvertently enter an incorrectly spelt word for their item. ie/ slay instead of sleigh. What occurs now is a limited market all searching for the correct spelling, leaving the item spelt incorrectly with few prospective bidders.

    • try searching for how the word sounds phonetically
    • purposely create strange looking variations of the correct spelling
    • let the kids help you out with how they think it could be spelt (some of course will be right, but you may just hit it with a variation)
    • one last hint HAVE FUN
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