Second Chance Offers on Cars BEWARE!

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I am writing this guide to help people avoid the two incidences that happened to me when both buying and selling cars on ebay...

Unscroupulous individuals seem to use car listings to target innocent folk who are trying to purchase cars through ebay, they send fake second chance offers to the bidders who did not win the car and attempt to get them to pay through western union or other cash transfer services.

The first time this happened to me was almost a year ago, I was looking to buy a car and found a beautiful Mitsubishi Lancer Coupe with custom everything, the bidding had not yet reached the reserve but I placed a bid anyway. The bidding for the car ended under the reserve price but a day later I received an email offering me the car for my bidding price which was incredibly low for the car! Of course this got me exited and I talked my parents into letting me buy it, then the next day I got ANOTHER second chance offer. This is when i started to get suspicious, both of the emailers claimed to be the seller. After weeks of trying to work out what was going on (I was pretty new to ebay) I emailed the seller through the ebay question system, the seller said they had never sent out any second chance offers. Of course I was pretty dissapointed buy the end of this especially seeing as how I had organised to travel all the way to Melbourne from Canberra!

The second incident was only a few weeks ago when I sold my car on ebay... after the successful sale at a reasonable price several people emailed me saying that I sent them second chance offers and that they would like to buy the car, I immediately remembered the previous incident a year earlier and warned these people to notify ebay of the email adresses that these messages came from.

Hope this helps anyone in the same situations as I was, if i had known this it would have saved me a lot of trouble!

Too Good to be True??? Probably cause its a Fake!!

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