Second Hand Child Restraints Advice

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A second hand child restraint can be an economical way to protect your child, but some precautions should be taken.  Unless you are getting the restraint from someone you know, it may be difficult to check its history.


* Do not use it if there are obvious signs of wear on the harness or if the plastic shell or buckle is cracked or broken.


* Test out the buckle and adjusters to be certain they are in working order


* Only use restraints that carry the Australian Standards Mark 

* Ensure you get and use the installation manual. 


* If any doubt seek professional advice from an approved child restraint fitting centre.


* Never use a restraint bought in another country.  It's not legal and may not be safe.


* Australian child restraint standards are some of the most stringent in the world and overseas child restraints do not comply with our standards and cannot legally be used in Australia. 


* Do not use a restraint that has been in a collision.


* Child restraints older than ten years cannot be guaranteed to perform as they were originally designed and should not be used.


* Velcro Baby Capsules are now over 10 years old and should not be used.


* If you dispose of an accident damaged or old child car seat make sure you cut all the straps so that no one else can use it.  


* You only get once chance to protect your child, make sure they are buckled safely every time in the car.









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