Seiko Buying Guide

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Seiko Buying Guide

For watch collectors and enthusiasts, an ordinary watch does not cut it. Instead, they prefer a quality watch from a well-established manufacturer. One such manufacturer, originating in Japan, is Seiko. The brand is known as one of the top manufacturers in sports and luxury watches worldwide, competing with popular companies like Rolex and Omega. But, unlike Rolex, the watches available from Seiko prove to be of the highest quality, without the hefty price tags, making them a favourable choice amongst consumers. With a broad range of products available, Seiko has watches to suit all needs. However, with this myriad of options comes confusion for uneducated buyers. Fortunately, with a little research, patience, and careful shopping, finding the right Seiko watch is easy.

Different Seiko Watch Lines

Before delving into the nitty-gritty details of finding the right Seiko watch, it is important to become familiar with the various lines and models of watches Seiko has to offer.

Seiko Watch Lines

Watches/ Models Available

Grand Seiko

SBGC005, SBGC001, SBGE001, SBGH001, SBGH005, SBGM023




SPS007J, SRQ011J, SPB013J, SRQ003J, SPB019J, SNR019J


Men's: SRG012P, SRG009P, SNAF32P, SNAF31P, SNAF30P

Women's: SXDE58P, SXDF44P, SXDF41P, SXDF48P


Men's: SNP064P, SNP055P, SUN015P, SUN017P

Women's: SNDX95P, SNDX97P, SNDX98P, SNDX53P, SNDX54P


Men's: SRX009P, SRX010P, SNAF39P, SNAF41P

Women's: SXDF50P, SXDF52P


Men's: SNP017P-9, SNP070P-9, SNP075P, SNP069P-9

Women's: SXDA48P-9, SXDA50P-9, SUT123P-9, SUT124P-9

Le Grand Sport

Men's: SNP066P-9, SNP077P, SSC218P, SSC196P-9

Women's: SSC890P-9, SSC892P-9

Conceptual and Regular

Men's: SSC079P, SSC077P, SSC009P, SSC139P-9

Women's: SUT122P, SUT024P, SUT022P, SUT041P-9


System Stopwatches, Multi-Function Stopwatches, Time Calculator

For the above listed, it should be noted that not all models within the given watch lines are included. However, Seiko has a plethora of choices for both men and women, as well as those who require specialty watches, such as a stopwatch. With the sheer number of watch lines and models available within each line, it is no wonder a first-time buyer can find him or herself confused when browsing through the selection of watches Seiko has to offer.

Things to Consider

There are other important things to consider when shopping for a Seiko watch. These things include the type of watch, the materials used in both the wristband and the case, the movement type of the watch, and other special features.

Type of Watch

When it comes to watches, there are generally two types: sports watches and luxury watches. Sports watches are more durable, and oriented towards those who frequently participate in outdoor activities. Luxury watches are more delicate, and oriented towards casual, classy people, as well as watch enthusiasts and collectors. Sports watches are generally the cheaper of the two, and often feature a leather or rubber strap, or a stainless steel bracelet. Luxury watches, however, are generally more expensive, and feature bracelets made from stainless steel, gold, and platinum, as well as leather.

Some examples of Seiko sports watches include models from the Le Grande Sports collection, such as the SNP066P-9, SSC218P, and SSC892P-9, all of which feature a stainless steel bracelet. Some examples of Seiko luxury watches include models from the Grand Seiko collection, such as the SBGA011 and SBGC005, which feature a titanium bracelet.

Materials For the Band and Case

One of the most important factors to consider are the materials used for the band and case of the watch. There are two main types of bands on wrist watches: straps and bracelets. Straps are a single piece of material, typically leather, rubber, or nylon. Bracelets are a series of interlocking metal links, consisting of stainless steel, platinum, gold, or a mixture of metals.

Seiko offers watches with a variety of bands with watches like the Grand Seiko SBGM021 and SBGR061 featuring leather strap bands, as well as others like the Grand Seiko SBGR053 and SBGR055, featuring a stainless steel bracelet.

As for the case of the watch, stainless steel, titanium, gold, and sometimes even ceramic, are commonly used to protect the movement and dial of the watch, with gold being more common in luxury watches. Seiko watches, such as the Astron SAST100G, feature a case made from titanium and ceramic, while others, like the Ananta SPS007J, feature a stainless steel case.

Movement Type

Another important factor in deciding which Seiko watch is the right one to buy, is the movement type of the watch. There are three popular types of watch movements: mechanical, automatic mechanical, and quartz. Mechanical watches make use of a mainspring, which unwinds and transfers energy to the oscillator, which is responsible for keeping track of time. Automatic mechanical watches, such as the Seiko Mechanical SARB065 Automatic 6R15, function similarly, but require perpetual motion to wind the mainspring, making them ideal for those who frequently wear their watch. Quartz watches, such as the Seiko Prospex Super Runners SBDF021, make use of electric power, through which a battery is used to power the device, and include not only traditional watches, but digital watches as well.

Other Special Features

These can include waterproof watches, which vary in the amount of water the seals are able to keep out, as well as digital watches, and watches that feature things like calculators. One example is the Seiko Prospex Super Runners SBDF021, which is a waterproof digital watch with stopwatch, lap memory, timer, and full auto calendar functions.

How to Buy

When shopping for a Seiko watch, you may find that the best deals are found on eBay. Simply enter the keywords " Seiko watch" into the search bar for a list of items available. You can further refine your search by entering more specific keywords, or by browsing through the different categories available.

Offering affordable, top-quality watches, Seiko has a wide array of options available. However, for first time buyers, the number of options available is daunting. Fortunately, with a little patience and careful shopping, finding the right Seiko watch is easy. Remember to check out eBay Deals for discounted specialty items.

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