Self Hypnosis CDs - The Facts

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Facts and Fallacies. Myths and mysteries. The Phenomenon of Hypnotherapy

The fears, myths and mystery surrounding hypnotherapy are totally undeserved.
What Does Not Happen
(X)  First of all there is no chance of you going into a trance and blurting out all your darkest, innermost secrets to any -one listening.

(X)  There will be no swinging gold watches or glittering pendants.

(X) You will not be clucking like a chicken, barking like a dog or even standing on your head.

(X) You will not be losing consciousness - otherwise how would you know what the Therapist was saying?

(X) There is no question of doing anything against your will because nobody can force you to do anything against your will without mind-altering drugs or coercion.

What Does Really  Happen
But, what does happen is:
Ö  Your conscious mind, which acts as a filter for any information via your hearing or any of your other senses, is simply lulled into a pleasant, relaxed and receptive state. 

Ö  This means that your conscious mind, or what is called your critical factor, is by-passed so that the Therapist's voice will reach deeply and sensitively into your subconscious mind where all your desires and ambitions, habit patterns and personality characteristics are stored.

Ö  Because your subconscious mind recognises, best of all in this tranquil, receptive condition, only simple words, phrases and suggestions, the Therapist uses only easily understood but dynamic, suggestions for the benefits of change - for your own health and well being - almost like the bedtime 'nursery' stories we enjoyed as little children, when settling down to rest contentedly. 

Turn Self-Doubt Into Confidence
Possibly you've never thought of listening to a Self-Help Hypnotherapy CD to learn to create winning habits:
* If you  haven't, you have really missed out, because a Self-Help Hypnotherapy CD can give you a very special resource, to arm yourself with vital insights and to learn about re-programming your subconscious and changing your life * It can provide the Therapy that You choose - when you feel you need it most.

* A Self-Help Hypnotherapy CD can be re-played, over and over and over again.
* The CD can be stopped, if necessary, perhaps due to an interruption of your Therapy session, and re-started.

* Most important of all, the CD can be listened to in total privacy using headphones so the Therapist speaks to YOU  ALONE - almost straight into your mind..

* YOU and you alone, are in complete control of your own personal change experience.

How to enjoy deep relaxation, when you need it - perhaps for the very first time.
Repeated listening to the Self-Help Hypnotherapy CD reinforces the chosen Therapy and, like any other human learning activity, repeating and repeating the very pleasant experience helps to ensure that your mind absorbs the Therapy message.

In fact, as a wise man once said: "you will become what you think about."
It doesn't even matter if you doze off whilst listening to the Therapy because the message is still going into your mind.

It does not matter if someone knocks at your door, or the phone rings, or some other emergency occurs when you are listening to your CD. All that will happen is that you will become instantly aware of the situation and you will react to it without any problem.

If you then want to resume your Therapy session after you have dealt with the interruption, you will be able to do so.

The more you take time out to listen to the Therapy of your choice, the more you will learn how to relax. Total relaxation, total peace, total tranquillity - what more could you wish for.
The main difference between between physical and mental activity is that once you have learned the basic technique of a physical exercise you will improve more and more with each session because your muscle tone and coordination increases.

With mental exercise - such as hypnotherapy - it works the other way round, the less you try the more you will succeed.  Paradoxically, with mental activity, you can go faster by taking your foot OFF the accelerator.

If you just do absolutely nothing and relax while listening to your chosen Therapy, the more your mind will start to develop it's own self-fulfilling prophecy.
The ability to change your life for the better, that is what is being offered to you, and it's your simple choice! 

A New Horizon - Self-help hypnotherapy CD in Action. A Total Attitude Publication.

DISCLAIMER:  Please Note that the contents herein are not presented from a medical practitioner, and that any and all health care planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners with knowledgeof your medical history . The content within only presents an overview based upon research for informational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a practicing physician. Further, the information in this manual is provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall the seller/distributor of this information be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the information presented here. The contents herein a subject to copyright. This publication can be distributed freely to others without any alteration to content. Thank you.

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