Sell More and Attract more traffic - How? ... KEYWORDS!

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Have you ever wondered why some sellers listings get hundreds of hits and yours only get 12 ?

Well the simple answer is KeyWords !!!

These are the words that buyers use to search for items on eBay. Research from eBay shows that 80% of users who buy on eBay , use the search bar to find the items they are looking for.

If you are new and want to draw more traffic to your products you can do a number of things....

1. Imagine you are a buyer and write down 10 words that are related to the product you are selling. For example if you wanted to buy a sony MP3 player , you would choose, SONY, MP3, MUSIC , 20GB, SHOCK PROOF, BRAND NEW etc , etc. Search for these and see what shows up. Try doing this for the item that you want to sell. Once you have found a number of similar items to yours that are ready for sale, Watch them. See which ones draw more hits, and from those that do , make sure that you use their words in thier title in yours . This will ensure your item showing up next to theirs.

2. Check out eBay pulse. Some sellers randomly type in Key Search words in their titles and descriptions to draw more hits. Ebay pulse has all this info. Check it out. Should you be in a position where you are trying to find a product to sell to sell on eBay , pulse will also show you the top sold items , the top searched for items and current trends. It seems to be updated pretty much every hour. Well worth checking out. Find "eBay pulse " on the home page.

3. If you are a shop seller, always use the omniton reports to find out what search words are bringing the most shoppers to your items. Include these words in your listings so that when potential buyers search the main search bar on eBay , they will see your items.

4. Try listing in a category which sees a lot of action. Although this is really annoying for most sellers , we have all done at one point in an attempt to get as many hits on our listings as possible. The annoying ebayers are those ones that continually list in the wrong category in an attempt to get sales. These sellers will never understand how a true business operates and will never be successful. Do it once , to get some exposure , but thats it!

If you have any questions drop me a line....

shaun 1521. KBC Stores.

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