Sell your babies old stuff and make money to buy new!!

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Do a spring clean and make some money!


As a first time Mum, I did what I think most new parent do and bought everything that opens and closes for our new bundle of joy.  Of course we ended up with alot of gifts on top of this as well!  So much stuff and so little time to use it all before out little Lachie outgrew it!

So we had brand new clothes (still with tags) that he has now outgrow.  What to do, what to do.  List them!  I made enough money to but him new clothes and toys off Ebay.  The bargains that you can get in kids clothes on Ebay is just amazing!  Brands like Fred Bare, which I normally wouldn t buy because they would be too expensive, are now in reach.  The great thing is that kids under 1 really dont waer their clothes out - so if you take care of them, after youve finished with them, you can resell them!  Free clothes!

I recently make up a bulk pick up lot of toys, bedding and clothes that our little one had outgrown, and made the buyers day!  Anyone can do it - why keep all these things in the cupboard when someone else can use them, and you can make some cash!


  1. Make sure they are all freshly washed and pressed
  2. Note any wear or stains that they may have
  3. If they are brand name - specify.  Lots of people search for a particular brand
  4. Offer pick up on large lots to save on postage
  5. Be specific on size
  6. Unisex things often sell better than specific sex
  7. Specify if you have no pets in the house - this can appeal to allergy affects kids

Have fun with your listings!

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