Seller Protection in shipping & Postage

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There seems to be a general growing trend towards quite a number of ebay scammers purchasing items on ebay with the sole intent to target the seller for a freebie if they do not provide proof of postage. They do this in a sly fashion either by stating they did not receive the item at all, or, for instances of multiple purchases, may claim some-thing was missing and demand you compensate for the said loss.

SELLER BEWARE! Protect yourself by providing full tracking ID numbers. As it is only with proof of lodgement that you will win any forth-coming paypal disputes the buyer may decide to take. As a long term ebay seller, I no longer offer 'standard post" on any of my items; ALL my items reardless of size or weight gets dispatched via Aust post ebay satchels (These come in 500gm or 3kg satchels avail via the ebay Aust post store) or via courier with insurance against loss or damage.

To purchase satchels, go to Ebay aust post store here >>

Each ebay aust post satchel is used in conjunction with Aust post 'Click & send" site which does all the hard work for you once registered, it automatically imports your ebay paid orders over to be manifested. Each item has a unique tracking number so can be traced from time of lodgement, or courier collection through to delivery. Read through ebays info page re click n send here >> 

I know for 1st time users this may all seem a little daunting, but trust me, once you are registered with 'Click & Send" all you need to do is have there icon tab saved on your desktop ready to use when orders come in; then simply print & pack in the satchels you have ordered from the ebay Australiapost store. No more writing out addresses, all printed for you, and totally trackable, sanity saved.

of course you can simply buy your satchels over the counter at your local post office, but I am telling you now, this is the most expensive option, buying them via ebay and using with click & send will save you a packet!

For bulky item up to 20kgs, I suggest you pack well, lodge your item for post at any LPO and pay the extra $1.55 for tracking. They will attatch a sticker stating "scan events required' so it is tracable through-out its journey. ( Do not be alarmed if every part of its journey does not appear when checking on tracking as sometimes only the lodging area and the final dispatch area may show).

For smaller sellers whom may not have additional staff or cameras in your dispatch/packing area; take the time to double check all out-going orders, use the customers printed invoice a a packing check list and tick off as packed to ensure you have not missed anything. Pack all well, using bubble wrap is needed to avoid any transit damage/ or claims of damage (headache!); then upload all tracking numbers to your "awaiting postage" list (if using only click and send you wont have to do this step, it is done for you!).

As frustrating as it is when you know you have done all in your power to do the right thing professionally and promptly for your buyers, remember, if you have the proof in tracking, you've got nothing to sweat about when your customers query their postal status. Remain professional in all your communication.

Best of luck to you all, I hope the above has assisted you, IF so please click YES below so this review can assist others as well.

I wish you all success in selling on ebay!


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