Seller Security : Avoid being scammed.

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Seller Security : Avoid being scammed.

Ebay is a great way for people to buy and sell items online. Ebayer’s on the whole are genuine, honest people. Unfortunately, wherever money or goods are involved, a few unscrupulous people always attempt to get something for free or scam the system.

These scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and involve such things as account phishing, counterfeit schemes, or fraudulent stories requesting immediate dispatch of item with the promise that payment will be coming forthwith.

Protect yourself : 3 Quick pointers

  1. NEVER send an item until a cheque, money order, bank payment or credit card payment has been confirmed / cleared.
  2. NEVER enter your Ebay username and password unless you are 100% sure you are on the proper Ebay website.
  3. ALWAYS answer questions through the Ebay website, avoid answering from a link in your email. If you must use Email, make 100% sure the Email is really from Ebay (see below for pointers on doing this)

Protect Yourself : Phishing

Phishing is the harvesting of peoples Ebay username and passwords. Typically, this is done by sending a fake Ebay message to your email account, requesting clarification on some detail. Clicking the ‘Respond Now’ link in the email will take you to a fake Ebay site where you are requested to provide your username and password. The fake site will then record these details, and the scammer will then have access to your Ebay account.

  • Before you click on the ‘Respond Now’ link, check that the item number in the email is actually an item you are selling. If the item number is not one of your items, chances are the Email is fake.
  • If the item number IS yours, and you click on the ‘Respond Now’ link, check that the web address of the Ebay page is correct. The address should begin with ‘’ and a padlock should appear at the bottom right of your Internet browser. If there is no padlock or the address is incorrect, chances are you have been taken to a fake Ebay site.
  • Forward the Email to They will respond within 24 hours and tell you if the Email is a fake or not.

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Protect Yourself : Counterfeit Schemes

These schemes involve cheques or postal orders that cannot be cashed, stolen credit cards, & withdrawn or denied credit card payments.

  • Always verify that the payment has cleared BEFORE sending your item. Always cash the cheque, money order and / or check your bank balance to verify that the payment has been confirmed.
  • Cheques and money orders are able to be withdrawn by the sender before you are able to cash it. Do NOT send an item without first cashing that cheque or money order and confirming the payment.
  • Offer PayPal on your listings. If payment for the item appears in PayPal, the payment is 100% sent & confirmed instantly, meaning you can dispatch your item right away.
  • Avoid Western Union and Moneygram payments. Avoid trading outside of Ebay.

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Protect Yourself : Fraudulent Stories / Unpaid Items

  • These scams are generally sent to your email after a buyer has ‘purchased’ your item. The buyers Ebay ID will appear to originate in Australia, and they will usually have a feedback rating of 0. The scammer will request that the item be sent immediately to an overseas address, and that payment (sometimes overpayment) will be sent to you shortly. A common feature of this type of scam is that the ‘buyer’ says the item is wanted urgently as a birthday present or for a sick relative or child.
  • As previously stated, do NOT send any item until the payment has been confirmed.
  • If the buyer appears to be attempting this kind of scam, always report the user to Ebay via Security Centre -> Report Another Problem -> Problems with other members -> Contact Info/Identity Offences. Paste in the text of the offending Email as proof.
  • If you are 100% positive that the buyer of your item one of these scammers and does not intend to pay ; Leave them negative feedback stating this. This will help protect other Ebay members from being defrauded.
  • Once the user is reported, their account is very quickly deactivated by Ebay, and you can claim a refund on the final fee credit for the unpaid item. To do this, click on the ‘Report an Unpaid Item’ link.
  • For higher priced items, set your buyer preferences to request phone verification for buyers with a feedback rating of 0 or lower.

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Don’t fall for these scams, always check the legitimacy of the buyer and the payment before sending your item. By following the common sense approach to selling outlined above, you can protect yourself and other Ebayers from fraud and heartbreak. 


Enjoy your Ebaying!

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