Seller's Guide: how to get the best price for your item

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Rule #1 - If you have many of the same items, don't list them together.  Doing so will only get you the lowest price as bidders will just bid on one of the items with no bids or few bids.

Rule #2 - List items in the early evening to late evening, more people are browsing online during "dinner hour" than early morning.

Rule #3 - Use clear photos, if possible, taken in natural light. Photos sell!

Rule #4 - Start the bidding low, bidders will out-bid each other on low starting auctions $0.99 rather than ones listed at $9.99

Rule #5 - Be prepared to sell high or low.  This is an auction, the outcome is unpredictable.  Besides, isn't that why you're selling it?  Because you no longer have any use for the item?



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