Sellers May Lose Their Right to Leave Negative Feedback

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According to eBay USA, as from May 2008, sellers will not be able to leave any negative feedback! Please log on to eBay USA and read "A Message from Bill Cobb (President eBay, North America)" and "A Message from Jim Ambach (VP of Seller Experience)" both dated January 29, 2008.

What This Will Mean

In short, eBay USA have decided that "sellers leave retaliatory feedback eight times more frequently than buyers do", according to Bill Cobb. Please read his message in full because it contains a lot more detail than I can pass on to you in this simple buyers guide. So, in return eBay USA will be removing all Sellers rights to leave negative feedback whatsoever. Only positive feedback may be left by a Seller. Only Buyers can leave negative feedback.

In return for taking away Seller's rights to leave negative feedback, eBay USA will be giving Sellers more incentives. However the only way a Seller can protect themselves against unscrupulous Buyers is to use eBay's 'unpaid items' reports.

If this new ruling is passed on to all other international eBay sites, Australian sellers still have some time to prepare for it.

What Sellers Can to Prepare for This

eBay USA are changing a lot of rulings, so please read these messages carefully. Primarily they will be placing more emphasis on Detailed Sellers Ratings (DSRs). Poor DSRs may also affect Powersellers from retaining their PowerSeller status. So ensure that your DSRs are as high as possible. Make sure your item listings are as accurate as possible, post your items as quickly as possible, maintain great communication with your buyers, and try to keep your postage costs to a reasonable amount.

Also, Sellers with a feedback score of at 100 will receive more credence and benefits. Therefore, if you're a seller, get your feedback up to at least 100 before these changes may affect eBay Australia.

Please, please read these messages - it is not all bad news, but if it happens to eBay Australia there will be a lot of changes!!

I hope this helps!!

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