Seller's Postage and Handling Charges Guideline

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As a full time seller on eBay, one of the biggest headache is

HOW MUCH is too much to charge on the postage and handling fee?

This is what I've done, a little research. An identical item that I imported into Australia would cost a fortune just to pass the Custom, get it transported from the wharf to my warehouse would cost me at least 30% as loading. Say, item A I would list for at least $25 to make an thin profit. However, those asian based sellers would sell the same item for under $10 and charging a rediculously over the roof postage, say $19.

The result?

I lost the business for sure. As not many people ( including me) cares too much about the postage until when comes to the time to flip over your wallet and realise the total cost of the item would have been $29 rather that what I'm selling for mere $25.

The hint?

Do some research before you list your item, find out how much the international sellers are listed for, including item price as well as the postage. And then work out exactly how much would cost you to pay for the warehouse, how much to pay for the staff to pack and send the article, and try to work out a medium 'Cut-In' price to start with.

Once you've earned the customers' trust, they'd love to buy from local suppliers!

Good luck to you all~


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