Sellers cannot leave neutral or negative feedback no matter what

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Ebay sellers cannot leave anything but positive feedback

So sellers cannot honestly say or comment on, how the transaction went with the click of  neutral or negative feedback. The only option is the positive option. Sellers can a comment but most Ebay users look to see how many reds and how many greens.

Life is busy. People just don't have the time to go through each and every comment to find the real message. Yet interestingly, the buyer can leave negative feedback and can be damning towards the seller. Not a very honest or balanced view is it.

I have been on Ebay for several years and only found out the hard way, this week of Ebay's site design. Yes, I contacted Ebay but they tried to explain it aways, something about sellers getting more sales.... I couldn't work that one out.

After bending over backwards for that buyer to book a courier ASAP to get the goods there quickly, found the payment was extremely slow coming, the communication was almost non existent and then ultimately I was abused and called names. How is it fair? My 100% good reputation tarnished in one foul swoop by an ungrateful, nasty buyer and I can't give negative feedback, stating the truth to inform others who may be going to take the risk and deal with this guy in Melbourne.  

It seemed evident to me that what Ebay's main concern was about sales and their commission, rather than the ethical or transparent position.

So folks look carefully for the comments, even if you see the green!


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