Sellers need protection from buyers also

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We all read feedbacks and find sellers that rip off buyers, I know of a couple of buyers this has happened to. But what about buyers who rip off sellers. The following happened to a seller, item was sent registered including insurance with conformation of delivery .The buyer lodged a claim for a refund stating the item was not recieved which was given thru paypal. a few days later the conformation of delivery was delivered back to seller all signed and dated same day the claim was lodged, now the seller has to prove item was posted to get his money back. lucky it was registered with conformation of delivery other wise buyer would have had his money back plus the item. And the seller would have been out of pocket.

With a return address on parcels sent so how do they get lost ?

I would think most sellers in the future will be forced to post everything registered to protect both buyer and seller.

Another trick a buyer claimed item was damage in post and sent back thier damaged part hence refund and a free part. The item returned did not have sellers hidden mark on it. So never give a refund till damaged item is returned first.

As a seller I am considering to post all my items registered with insurance or a satchel with a tracking number.

This is no reflection on Honest sellers & buyers.

I have to say that I have 100% great buyers and never had a problem with a seller.

With feedbacks don't be hasty and leave a negative before contacting seller or buyer in most cases things can be worked out to satisfaction.

Remember we all have to start with a zero feedback so be fair with new ebayers they are your future customers & sellers.

Hows this an ebayer I know drives a semi sold an item charged $3.80 postage but was leaving melb that night so decided to drop the item off in person the next day to the ebayers home address in NSW and when he got back home found he had recieved a Neg feed back for postage cost being to high talk about someone being ungrateful.

( I suppose it's hard to please some no crissy present for him).

Keep on ebaying it's great fun

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