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As a seller, I try to put every piece of relevant information that I can into my listings. I want people to be able to make an informed bid or purchase on an item without having to send me a message. As a buyer, I expect to see every piece of relevant information in the listings. That way, I can bid or purchase without waiting for questions to be answered. You see, while I'm waiting for a response to my question, I may find a similiar item, with all the information I need, listed with another seller. Do I deal with this seller or do I wait for my questions to be answered - hopefully - from the other seller? You don't have to think too hard who is going to get the business, really.

Let me give you an example. I buy and sell football shirts. We'll say I'm after a Manchester United shirt. I find two listings for the style I'm after.

Listing no.1 says "Buy it now for $10-00. The shirt is large. Please email me for postage costs".

OK, so I have to ask the seller what does he mean by large. After all, I've seen shirts marked 'large' that would be lucky to fit a ten-year old and I've seen shirts marked 'large' that would be too big for Pavarotti. So what's this one? And how much is the postage? I'll have to send this seller a message.

Then I look at the second listing. It says "Buy it now for $10-00 .The shirt is large, measuring 22 inches, armpit to armpit and 30 inches from armpit to hem. Postage is $4.90 to anywhere in Australia." Hmm. Same price as the first shirt and I don't have to wait for a response to my questions.

Guess who gets the sale?

So the first seller is still waiting for a sale while the second seller has a sale. The first seller is still answering questions while the second seller is smiling at his bank balance.

I would rather deal with the second seller ... and I'd rather be the second seller.   



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