Sellers who threatens to come to your house

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presented by Angry African:

Welcome to my first guide, today I will give you some thoughts on eBay sellers who threaten you because of feedback left or a paypal claim that did not go in their favour or for some minuscule reason that a normal person cannot fathom. Lets begin.

The first thing you need to understand is that eBay is like any place on the internet, it is a make believe world. When you choose your ebay name you can inflate your ebay ego by choosing a name that makes you look loaded like "yatch_owner22" or "lamborghiniSpider_2011". Some people will go wow 'this guys rich as' while in reality he's the jerk siphoning his internet off the next door neighborers unsecured connection. This is the first important fact about ebay.

So you bought an item and it hasent arrived (ie the seller has decided to do a runner with your money or they are just slack a**holes who will mess you around for as long as they can). So you do a paypal claim and leave some nasty feedback (ie " WARNING! BUYER TRIED TO MOLEST MY SON WHEN I WAS LOADING THE ITEM IN THE CAR") to insure that all other buyers are aware that this guy is a d*ckhead. So paypal gives you a refund or partial refund but this guy decides that he is going to threaten you for what ever reason, maybe he wants the feedback removed or he just wants to threaten you for 'messing with him' or maybe he is just a bully and enjoys making other people squirm or he wants the item back or wants money.

The thing is no matter how long he has messed you around in his mind he is the victim, he believes that what you did is unjust. So he will send an email 'im coming over to your house to 'have a chat'!!!!!!! or "Ive got work in (insert town/city) next week and im going go out of my way to have a 'chat' to you!!!!!" or "Im send my friend who lives in your area over to 'chat' with you up unless you change your feeedbackkK!!!!"   or if they are really stupid "IM GONNNA CUM TO UR HOOSE AND BEATz YOU UPz!!!!!!! i DO MARTIL ARTz IM A BLACK BEALT" 

The thing is that the meaning is the same, they have your address and they are threating you, maybe they want the item back or they want the feedback changed or something. But do you remember the first fact I stated, ebay is a make believe world. Honestly think about it, is a ebay seller going to drive 9 hours to your city/town just to fight you? Or he 'Suddenly has work in your town? or he 'conviently' has a friend who lives close to you? Really? no. More likely he is a "KEYBOARD WARRIOR", a jerk who acts all tough on the internet but in reality is just a fat loser. The thing is that he is a bully and just wants to make you feel threatened. 

Lets say he does show up at your house... whats he going to do? Try and beat you up? Good idea pal, just give the police a ring and charge the psyco for assault. 

If you feel like this person is really going to come over to your house the best course of action is this: 

1) Call paypal and ebay and tell them about the threat and email them copies
2) Contact your local police station, print out all the emails they have sent you. Give them all the details you have about the seller, name address paypal email, phone number, anything and everything! Tell them that you are taking this very seriously. MAKE sure they file a report! They will contact the sellers local police station and they will go have a chat to the seller.
3) Make sure that they do not under ANY circumstance get a penny
4) Keep a baseball bat near your door, just in case.

IT IS ILLEGAL TO THREATEN SOMEONE! The police will contact the police station at the sellers home town/city and they will go have a chat to the seller.

If he comes to your house, lock the door and call the police.The main idea here is to remove your self from the equation as quickly as possible, make it between him and the police.

If a seller threatens you, DO NOT REPLY! DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THEM! 98% of the time they are just trying to mess with you and if you do not reply they will give up.

Cheers, good luck

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