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Remember when you are selling items the title is very important, they are  seach engine words.Make sure the words are spelt right.

Use words to discribe item. not words about size, colour, condition, or pretty ect.

Search words are make or brand, wood, vintage, antique, picture ect.

Many people do not sell there item due to title wording.

Next best thing is your photo,s. You need to edit your photos, and have plain background, you dont want people to look at your lounge room or kitchen.If photos are not good enough for you to look at they are not good enough for anyone who wants to buy your item.

For 50 cents you can have Gallery. well worth it. so many people will not waste there time on items selling without Gallery.

Last one keep your photos at low resolution as people with dial up find it takes too long to open your photo and will move to the next item.

ebay is safe place to buy and sell. Just use there site map and check items out first.

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