Selling Books: Easier, Better Prices, & Happy Buyers

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When selling a few books from your personal collection on eBay, it can be a great IDEA to creatively group two or more books into one sale. The BENEFITS are you get one auction to manage (one person to email, one transaction, one trip to the post box), buyers may be more willing to pay a little more for the books due to the automatically-combined postage, and you are potentially making it easier and more interesting for your potential buyer.

BUT it's not just a matter of auctioning a couple of books at once. BE IMAGINATIVE with your grouping. Think about what appealed to you when you acquired the books in the first place. Was it that they sounded exotic? Did the cover spark your interest in some way? With travel guides or maps did they appear handy? So, for example you have a book by a Japanese author and an Indian one dealing fictionally with a historical Japan and Indian. These books appealed to you because they made you think of far-off exciting places. Auction them together with this premise, begin the auction spiel with "For those who love to dream of different times and different places..." An easy to read LAYOUT might then include a couple of blank lines, then the title of the book, it's author, if the book is a paperback or hard-cover, the condition of the book (fair, good, excellent, never read), and any mentionable signs of damage (creases, if it is "well-read", e.g. a little dog-eared, or yellowed with age). Another blank line and include the blurb from the back in quote marks, the publisher has spent more time marketing the book that you have or need to! A TIME-SAVER here is to search the web for the book and see if someone has typed up the blurb on a book-selling website and copy this. You can also grab quotes from good reviews and include them this was too. Be sure to include quote marks and credit the person/publication which also gives the quote added context.

The PICTURE is important, it quickly gives the buyer impressions of the seller, for example, if carefully taken (i.e. good lighting, well composed), they might assume the seller is careful and pays attention to detail. So use an interesting, relevant background. Coordinate with the covers, does a red wall make the picture more asthetically pleasing, could you photograph your Sydney travel guide, Sydney restaurant guide and Sydney street map (aren't you clever in your grouping?) at the top of your apartment building as it has a great view of the harbour bridge and Opera house in the background. This is all done with the hope that it mentally puts the buyer in an inspired position to think how their life might be better with your book!

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