Selling & Buying Jeans as a Newby!

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I love jeans... if you haven't already figured that out already!  My first purchase on ebay was exactly that, a pair of Jag jeans and they were a complete disapointment to me.  Mainly because the seller did not mention some fairly important facts and I wasn't clued up enough to ask the correct questions.  I've learned a lot since then and I am going to share just a few pointers with you now.

SELLING... is great fun and in my case, was also quite nerve racking when that first listing went up.  When selling jeans make sure that;

a) They still have a reasonable amount of life left in them!  Check every seam, the knees, thighs and seat for any loose stitching, thinning or stretch.

b)  Be HONEST with your description.  If they are scuffed then say so, if they have been taken up slightly, say so.  Try to give as close a description as possible.

c)  Always give the length, rise and inner leg measurements, sometimes I add the width across the back of the waistband as well.

d)  When you take photos, take pics of all the important aspects of the jeans you are selling including any faults, also only use the photos that are closest to the original as far as colour goes.  Make sure you state in your terms section that the colour of the item is as close as you can get to the original.  This is an important point.  People like to know that the colour of the item they are bidding on or buying outright is how they perceive it visually on ebay.

e)  Have fun when describing the jeans you are selling.  It doesn't have to be boring, even  mentioning a fault can make the jeans more appealling to someone!

d)  Answer any questions as thoroughly and quickly as you can.  Communication is a key to success!

BUYING... is so much fun, especially when there's a race on at the end of an auction! But....

a)  Don't bid if you can't afford to pay for an item... THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER!  There is nothing worse for a seller than going through an auction with the end result being non-payment.  You risk a mark against your name and bad feedback. 

b)  Please bid with 'smarts'!  How high can you afford to go?  Is the item worth the amount you are wanting to spend or could you get it cheaper?

c)  When bidding on jeans, compare measurements against your current favourites and ask lots of questions if the answers can't be found in the item description.

d)  If your item does not fit you, or they are not quite what you wanted, on sell it!  This is the best and easiest way to get back some of the money you have spent.  Remember, if you have asked all the right questions and the seller has answered them all for you honestly, it really isn't their fault that you aren't happy with them... is it?  Relisting is the quickest way to recoup your loss.  Start at .99cents and see what happens!

Well, there's just a few basic pointers that I hope will make your ebay experience just a tad easier.  If you set yourself some rules, ask advice of lots of experienced ebayers, you will have a great deal of fun with some pocket money to boot!

GOOD LUCK!  Hoochiemama64 :)


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