Selling CDs on Ebay - clearing your clutter + making $$

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Everyone has CDs lying around the house that they dont listen to anymore, right?  Right!  I know Ive bought more than a few CDs that I thought I would love forever, and grew very sick of, very quickly - why keep them around the house gathering dust and overfilling your music shelves....sell them!  Make some cash!  Try not to use it to buy more rubbish CDs!

The important thing to think about when selling your music, is not what it cost you at the time, but what it is worth to someone else.  For example, you may have paid $20 for a CD 10 years ago, kept it in good condition and for whatever reason its time to let it go. 

  • Dont always expect to get your money back.  It all depends on if 2 other people in the world want that CD bad enough.  Why 2?  Well you need 2 people to bid against each other! 
  • Advertise where the CD has been made.  Often collectors from other countries will collect the same CD made in various different countries.
  • Most CD singles are only released for 4 weeks or so, so it is quite possible that you will have buyers wanting to get their hands on "that certain song" that sparks some memories for them.  
  • If you have heaps of CDs to sell, buy your packing bags in bulk.  1 bags will cost you $1.10 - but 100 bags will cost you 35 cents each.  Big saving! 
  • If your CD has a cracked case - invest a dollar or so and give it a new one.  No one likes to receive goods in the mail and have them damaged.
  • Make sure the photo you use on Ebay is a good one.  Make it clear, crop the edges, take the picture in daylight.  Items with good pictures always get more attention.
  • Be accurate in your description.  If the disc has a few scratches but plays fine, then say that.  Dont dress it up to be something its not.  No one likes to be deceived and you'll only end up with irate customers and bad feedback.
  • Last but not least - never, never, never list a CD for 99 cents if you are not willing to sell it for that little.  If you dont want to part with it for under $10 then dont list it for under $10!

Remember - THE  CUSTOMER  IS  ALWAYS  RIGHT.  Be nice to your customers and treat them the way you would expect to be treated.  Its worth it to be an honest seller and keep your feedback ratings high.

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