Selling Car Automobilia

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Selling Car Automobilia (eg: Ford, Holden etc)

This is a very specific market and potential buyers tend to know exactly what they want when they are looking in this category (its not like kids clothes where items similar to what you're looking for will attract bids).

Make sure you're completely honest - even if new, look for marks, scratches etc, even on the outer box.  If the item is in perfect condition but the box is a bit messed up, then say that in the item description (buyers in this category may be buying it for a present or to display, so the condition of the box may be important to them). 

Try to take a photo of the item in good lighting - if its a die cast car for example, it may be a racing green colour but look nearly black in a photo in poor light.  If you really cant get the colour of the photo looking the same as the actual item, then explain the actual colour in the item description.  (actually, it doesn't hurt to list the colour anyway).

Make sure you know the postage costs before listing the item - if the potential bidder is so so about bidding, it can be a real put off if they have to contact the seller for postage costs.  Even if you give a ballpark eg: between $8-$10 depending on which state buyer lives in.

Lastly, try to offer international postage for this category:  lots of overseas buyers are interested in this category.  Offer Paypal (even if its only to international buyers) and you wont ever have to work out currency etc.  Paypal does it all for you!

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