Selling Lego on eBay - You Could Make a Fortune!

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Lego is a very popular business to be in, not only is it demanded by millions of children and collectors, but it is an easy way to start your own business and hopefully make a fortune.

So Why Deal in Lego?

- First I want to point out that it is light weight, therefore easy and cheap to post.

- Lego is in huge demand, therefore you already have customers.

- You can sell it at a price that will generate a good income.

- It is easy to get hold of.


Will it really make money?

Have ou ever searched for lego on eBay? If you have then you should realise that the minifigures alone sell for about $4.00, some of the more collectables sell for around $50.00!

When you consider that you can find it in charity shops for next to nothing you have the opportunity for hughe profits. If you look for the huge lots of lego on eBay you can make huge profits from it. As I am writing this there is an auction on eBay for 125Kg of Lego, currently on £575.00. If you sold the thousands of components for half their going price on eBay you would be in profit.

Have you ever heard of Brick Link? Try Here you can buy literally millions of different lego parts to sell on eBay.



Lego is increasingly demanded and there is definately room for more people to sell it on eBay, charity shops or yard sales. When selling look for the going rate, you might over or under price it. If you have very old or unusual parts they may sell for lots.

Hope this helps, please rate it below. Look out fr my lego auctions coming soon. ( I have ordered a large lot of Lego)

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