Selling Second-Hand Books Effectively

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Many people buy and sell books on eBay. Less people make a good profit when selling their books online. This guide will provide a few tips on how to sell and promote your second-hand books effectively on eBay.

Type of books on the market

Firstly, the seller needs to know about the type of books for sale. If everyone is selling their used copies of Harry Potter, then the prices obtained will be low. But if there is a shortage of romance novels for sale, then it is more likely that sellers of these novels will make a good profit. Research the other books that are being sold on eBay, how many are similar to your books and the prices that are being asked for and paid in return. This will determine, firstly, whether it is worth selling your books online, and if so, what prices are reasonable to start the bidding.

Speciality books

Know the book. To sell at a profit on eBay, the seller needs to be able to not only describe the condition of the book and how much it costs to post. The seller, to maximise interest, should describe the topic or story. Instead of " This is a romance story...", perhaps; "This is an enthralling story of Tony and Sarah, and how, through their busy professional lives, they had time to find love..."
By making the buyer interested in the book itself and the story that unfolds in its pages, you will encourage them to purchase your books to read it all for themselves.
If the book is on a particular topic such as collectables, then discuss how the book clearly outlines the benefits of stamp collecting, and even talks about the rare stamps from Kathmandu! They are not just purchasing a book, they are purchasing a story, they are buying a way to improve their finances or improve their health. Tell them why they should read it


It is all well and good to outline effectively to the potential buyer, the book/s and the story within. But you have to get them to the books listing first! To do this, there is a need to stand out. This does not need to be an extensive or expensive use of eBay's listing options, though this are a great way of attracting attention for expensive items.
A catchy title is the best way. Quote the book, not just the title. Say something funny, or tell the buyer it is not to be missed! Stand out from the crowd!


This short guide has been written to help second-hand book sellers how to effectively research, promote, market and sell their books on the eBay site. If you are looking for ways to improve your selling skills, simply look at how your competitors market and promote their wares. Try their way, but find the method that suits you best. And above all, keep trying!

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