Selling Techniques - How 2 get the most $ for your item

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    Selling Techiques - How to get the most $ for your item!!

There are many factors which will help you make the most of your eBay selling experience, here are a few ways to maximise your profits!

- Make sure your item is in demand or there is a market for it; if there are no others on eBay (apart from very unique items) or there are many others which have no bids or are selling for very low prices, it may not be worth your while listing. Check if the normal sale price is equal to your minimum sale price plus any eBay or Paypal fees you may incur to make sure you won't lose money or make less than you want to!

- List with a good, clear descriptive title. Include the words which people would use to search for your item, because that's how most will be found rather than by category!! For example an original darth vader figure still sealed described as 'darth vader action figure on card' will not be noticed by nearly as many people as 'Star Wars Darth Vader 12 Back 1977 Sealed MOSC MOC MIP AFA' because the words people will search with are in there and this is not spamming in your title as those words clearly describe the item!

- Know when to use listing upgrades; if you're selling a $2 magazine, there's absolutely no point listing it as a featured item because the value is so low any increase in price will be minimal. So if you're selling something really cheaply, don't upgrade your listings. If it's worth say $20-100 use the basic upgrade pack (gallery and subtitle) - these are an excellent listing upgrade and well worth the money!! If it's more than that consider a border or even featured listing upgrade. People really like a gallery picture in the search listing, it's a great investment.

- Have a good description; if you have a clear, coherant, friendly description people will feel more confident with what they're buying. If there is no photo included in the auction this will devalue the listing in a big way. Buyers like to see the actual item!!

- Value your feedback and treat your customers well; if you treat your customers well, they will say good things and return again, simple sales logic and it applies on eBay too! Bad feedback = bad profits...

- Set a reasonable starting price; if you set a very high starting bid it will discourage some bidders. Bidding wars starting at lower prices are more likely to get people to pay more for the item. So set a reasonable price. If you're expecting $100 for an item, start it at $50 or less, depending on how popular that type of item is, the more popular the lower you can start it. And a word on reserves - people do NOT like them, try to avoid the use of reserves if you can it puts off a lot of buyers!

- Answer questions promptly; if you get back to potential buyers quickly and courteously they will find the whole experience better and will thus take more interest in your auctions, there's nothing worse than a seller that takes 3 days to reply to an email.

So there you go, if you follow my tips you'll have a better selling experience and it will be far better for your bank balance, good luck and happy

If you have any questions, please Contact Me :)

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