Selling Used children's toys

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Selling used children's toys

Selling used children's toys uses the same principles as selling anything on ebay:  be honest, even if it means having a lower starting price and lower final value price.

When listing, include the brand eg: Fisher Price, and make sure your spelling is perfect!  Many buyers look under brand categories as well as using key words for the item they're looking for.

If its a Fisher Price swing for example, is it a 'lift and lock' style?  If so, type it in in the title.  Check on ebay how others have listed their item - is it identical, would you use similar wording?  What is their starting bidding prices, what is the approximate final bidding value (go to Advanced Search and click on the 'finished listing' to see what price other similar toys are selling for.

Because toys are bulky and often aren't light in weight, keep in mind postage costs can creep up.  Try to find out before listing the postage costs to each state in Australia, and list this in your Item Description section (saves potential bidders from contacting you....many won't bother and will move on to other sellers who've done their postage homework).  Also, remember combining postage can save the buyer heaps so consider listing a number of toys at the same time as it attracts a higher bidding price if the buyer can get a number of toys in the same post.  Remember:  you dont have to use official Aust. Post packaging, it just needs to be secure and often padded to prevent damage and you need to have a clear address on the packaging.  I've recieved things in old boxes or wrapped in all sorts of packaging material - so long as the postie can clearly see the addressee, and the package is secure and safe, it's fine!

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