Selling Your Boat A Guide To Preparing For Viewing

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Selling your boat is a frustrating time and can be very expensive.
here are some tips and guidelines

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 Boats in pristine condition will sell faster.

  1. Put a fresh coat of varnish on and clean and oil the teak.
  2. Enclosures and canvas should be in good shape. Damaged goods should be repaired or replaced
  3. Hoist new flags and pennants. Rags are the sign of a neglected boat.
  4. Shampoo the carpet and have the drapes and bunk covers cleaned.
  5. Replace worn-out accessories Often a few pounds spent can make all the difference.
  6. Clear out all unnecessary clutter and gear. If it's not included in the sale, get it off the boat.
  7. Clean drawers and stowage bins put scented items around the boat
  8. When you have potential customers viewing always have a pot of coffee on you cant’t beat the smell
  9. The bilge must be spotless. Use oil-absorb pads under the machinery.
  10. Clean, prime and paint the engines and generator.
  11. Pump out the shower sump to eliminate the sour water smell.
  12. Clean out debris in hatch bindings and scuppers.
  13. A clean bottom will make the boat perform better during sea trials
  14. Once the boat has been detailed, maintain her when the weekly until sold.
  15. Make sure all gauges function properly.
  16. Replace worried-looking hoses and clamps.
  17. Clean out the raw-water strainers.
  18. Change oil and fuel filters.nothing better than seeing cleanish oil 
  19. Have the boat fueled and ready for a thorough sea trial on short notice.
  20. Gather all paperwork for mechanical systems together and store in a binder.
  21. Have maintenance records handy and readable. Prepare a list of spare parts and extra equipment, such as props, shafts and filters.

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