Selling Your Items

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Selling your items can be a difficult task and you may not always obtain the price that you are looking for.  There are many ways to increase your chances of obtaining a price you want and this guide will help you through this.  Here a few points which you should consider,

  • Use pictures
  • Use different fonts
  • Information about the Product, Payment and Postage

Pictures of the product you are selling, greatly enhance the visual experience of the advertisement viewer.  Without any pictures in the advertisement, people may feel reluctant on buying an item which they cannot see resulting in fewer bids and you may not get a price which will please you.  It is also important to make sure the pictures you use are of reasonable size and that the lighting in the picture is not too dark.

Fonts are an important factor in advertisements.  They help make an advertisement more articulate and bring a better understanding on you and your product.  eBay users like to see a seller that takes care in creating advertisements, as people like to buy products from these sellers as the advertisement tells a lot about a person, people that take care in producing advertisements tend to take care of their items and products as well.

Information about the three Ps, product, payment and postage should be in the advertisement and easy to read.  Lacking this information will result in an eBay user in sending messages to the seller, asking questions which should be easily seen in the initial advertisements.  A good description of the product should include all the features of the product and the condition that the product is in.  Postage information should include how much it will cost to sent Australia-wide and you should also provide information and costs of different postage methods such as registered and express.

Concentrating on these three points will greatly enhance your selling experience and hopefully you will get the price which you want.

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