Selling for Feedback

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One of the most important things that you can take away from an eBay tranaction, as a seller, is not a fat profit but infact a positive comment on your review page!
Most people think that the current sale they are processing is the most important, usually not because they value the customer, but because they will be earning money. Being an experienced eBay power seller has made it evident that you must devote your uttermost attention to all current transactions (not getting stary eyed about the future, or what's happened in the past), and make sure that your customer is happy! Sometimes this means that you don't make as much money as you would have liked to. It may mean that your figures for the tranaction run into the red, but if your feedback score is green then you have had a win because while you can't please everyone with your product if you still recieve positive feedback there will be others who will buy from you and you will make money from!
One of the most useful tools that sellers have is the NOTE option in Selling Manager. If you sell even 3 items a day it becomes awfully hard to keep up with transactions but by taking 30 seconds to add any relevent notes beside the sold items that you may have to refund/replace you save yourself time and stress. All this, in turn, ends up with you recieving postive feedback, which is what keeps business ticking over. So just remember- if you have one customer who is unhappy with the product, but happy with the service you provided you will have 10 more who will be pleased by both!

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