Selling for the first time, watch out!

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I've been an ebay browser for a very long time, and just recently I have created an account to buy a few things i've been watching. I thought it would be the time to sell my first item on ebay, a Sony MP3 player, i had it all ready to sell, only to find out i was being scammed.

I had the item listed with a buy it now and a high starting bid, but still a very reasonable bid, my idea was that i would get a few bidders at the end of the auction or maybe a buy it now. Someone bid the buy it now option which I thought was great, untill contact was made with the buyer.

The first thing i noticed was the address and postcode did not match up at all. They said they lived in Western Australia but the postcode was for Tasmania. I did a quick search on and found that the address did not exist at all, and the phone number could have been from either QLD or NSW. I then recieved an email saying once the item was sent the money would appear in my account. AH HA!!! a scammer. The ebay account was closed soon after i received an email from the scammer, and ebay gave me a refund on the ebay selling charges.

Please, i cant stress this enough, check the address to see if it matches up, and if they ask to have the item sent before you recieve the money then keep away!

What annoyed me the most, was that potential real buyers missed out on the item, and i wasted my time having the item on ebay when it didnt sell.

So everyone who is selling for the first time on ebay, please make sure that you watch out for scammers.
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