Selling furniture on ebay? Read this before listing.

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As a buyer of furniture on ebay, I can give sellers a few tips on how to attract higher bids:

Upload a well presented image/s of the piece of furniture. Take care to remove untidy items on or around the furniture. This shows you care about the item, that it is likely to be in better than described condition, and will help me decide if I will bid higher. (Just the kind of buyer you want!)

If the item is in storage, take along plain sheets or similar to create a backdrop for the photo. The sheet backdrop can hide a multiple of sins in other situations as well (like all the items you have just removed from the bookcase so as to take the photo!).

List measurements! Please! I need to know if the item will fit in the space in my house. I also need to know if I can transport the item myself or if I need to organise a courier. And if the item is a television cabinet or entertainment unit, I also need to know if my tv, dvd player, VCR or stereo will fit in the allocated spaces. This will save you time in answering endless questions from ebayers asking such.

When dusting the item before taking the photo please check underneath! I have picked up a piece of furniture that look in pretty good condition, put it in my vehicle, and was faced with spider eggs, cobwebs and dust seemingly from the last decade on the underneath of the item.

List any 'faults'. Normal wear and tear is to be expected, but please state what the damage is.  If drawers, include type (metal runner, dovetail joints) and whether they glide well or stick. Wonky shelves are an unpleasant surprise for a buyer. Aim for there to be no surprises (including above described spiders) for the buyer when they pick up the item.

List a location (suburb) for pickup if that is offered. Again, saves you time in answering heaps of emails asking such.

State in the listing if the item (eg shelves, etc) can be dismantled for easy transport. This can make the listing more attractive to more buyers who do not have access to a truck or want the extra cost of a courier. State if the buyer needs to dismantle the item themselves.

Advise as to any access issues to your property to collect item. Again, no surprises.

I know ebayers are busy people (I am), so save a little time for yourself and the keen bidder by including the above information in your listing.

I hope this guide helps you in listing your item.

Happy selling ... and I look forward to meeting you when collecting a delightful piece of furniture. :-)

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