Selling golf clubs using appropriate photos

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As both a seller and buyer of golf clubs, I never cease to be amazed at the poor way many represent their clubs.  Most simply don't have enough information to even vaguely consider a purchase.  
Examples like " Golf clubs - Wilson" and a picture of 10 clubs leaning against a wall are useless!

Here's the minimum that one should include
1. Brand of clubs
2. Model of clubs; quote whatever is written on the heads of the club, include everything!
3. Pictures: a minimum of six high res/sharp focus photos for a  club and clean the clubs so we can not guess about whether its dirt or actual dings on the club

1.  The sole(bottom) , this can be one photo for a set of irons
2.  Face, grooves, hitting surface of the club, if all are in good condition, say so and/or just show close ups photos of the best  and the worst, I always want to see what the grooves on the 7 iron and pitching wedge look like.
3.  The rear surface of the club, the other side of the hitting face.  This will show even more clearly the model of the club, we only need to see one if its the same for the whole set
4.  The hosel of the club(where it connects to the shaft) often there will be writing here which gives clues as to the particular model as well as serial numbers.
5.  Any labels on the shafts, so we can be confident about the shafts fitted.
6.  Close up picture of the grip, show just the worst and best for a set of irons
7. What the club looks like to the player addressing the ball.  Actually setup to hit a ball with one and take a picture of what it looks like from the setup position.
8.  Yes, a picture of the set lining up against a wall is warranted, solely for the purpose of seeing that the clubs are in the correct length graduations.  Have all the heads the same distance from the wall so the increments in club lengths can be clearly seen.
9.  Include separate pics of head covers for woods.

not essential, but the keen golfer will want to know, measure the length of the five iron, show what you've measured by taking the pic with a measuring tape next to the club.

state whether the grips are standard width or have been enlarged.  

yes, this takes a bit more effort than just waving the camera at the clubs in the corner of the room, buyers will be confident they know what you are selling and you will get a sale if it is what they want, otherwise you and your clubs will be together for a long time.
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