Selling in Bulk Lots Saves Money and Time!

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Selling clothes on eBay is a great way to make extra cash, its simple fast and always worthwhile! If you have kids, you go through so many clothes, especially babies they go through clothes at a rapid rate. You can sell your unwanted clothes on eBay and then purchase new ones from eBay and get yourself a real bargain! It's an easy way to keep your kids in gorgeous clothes.

Selling in bulk lots is a great idea! You save money on fees not listing them seperately and I find you get a better price than selling them seperately as buyers also find it easy to buy in bulk lots. Buyers also look for bulk lots to save on postage so its a great way to get rid of a lot of clothes quickly and easily. You take less photos selling in lots, spend less time listing items, spend less time answering emails, spend less time posting and save on fees. The savings from listing lots of items in one listing could even go towards making your listing more appealing by adding extra pictures or adding bold and gallery, these all increase your chances of a bigger sale.

Listing items in lots is especially handy for baby clothes, they're small and light for posting in bulk lots. You always need a lot of singlets etc. for a baby and looking on eBay for secondhand clothes is a great way to save money. Baby clothes sell well and you can also sell any out-grown or unwanted baby toys, baby accessories like monitors, mobiles, cot bedding and even baby furniture.

eBay is an awesome way to sell anything! While your onto baby clothes, why not go through your own wardrobe and sell some things you never wear, you could treat yourself to something new! I even love to do a swap, I sell some shoes from my wardrobe and treat myself to some extra nice designer heels and extra cash from eBay sales is great when you just need some extra cash for a special event coming up like a birthday or christmas.

Go check out your wardrobe for anything you don't wear anymore or things the kids have grown out of and start selling today!





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