Selling items AS IS

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Hello again fellow eBayers
I have been asked by others how to ensure you don't get negative feedback when selling an item "AS IS".
For example, you may be selling a motorbike that has a dent on the tank, doesn't start and has a flat back tyre.

Ok, firstly, you have to understand that it is impossible to please everyone. On that note, if you take simple precutions in your listing and cover all problems that your item has, you can then say with all honesty that the buyer was aware of the problems.

What I do is quite simple and if everyone did it, it would reduce the risk of buyer dissapointment.

1) Take plenty of good photos. Make sure the photos show the item clearly. Dont post tiny pics or blurred pics. This only gives the buyer ammunition to use against you because they could not see the extent of the damage to the item.

2) Ensure you list the faults. A picture may be worth a thousand words but a picture and a description will ensure there is no reason for the buyer to be misled. When listing your item list the good qualities so it will sell but also tell them about the scratch/dent/marks ect.

3) Make sure you have the words "AS IS" in nice big and/or bold letters so it stands out.

5) In your listing, write something like " If you have any questions / reservations or would like to know more, please hit the 'ASK THE SELLER A QUESTION" button. I will ensure all questions are answered and posted to this auction page"

6) If someone asks you a serious question, make sure you answer it as quick as possible ( they are a potential buyer) and tick the box which says "post this on your site"

7) I cannot stress enough the importance of good communication between sellers and buyers.
Buyers are buying an item virtually sight unseen so the more info you give them, the better chance you have of them feeling comfortable with dealing with you and placing a bid

Well, I hope this info is usefull to any sellers out there and don't be shy about clicking the "was this guide helpfull" button if it is.
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