Selling on Ebay, How to save money & list well

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So you have decided you want to start selling on ebay...well here are some of the things I have found to help save you time, money and keep a great ebay seller reputation.

First your ad:

To save money on things like your own using  a web site like photobucket or similar (do a search on google for heaps of them and they are free)  The more photo's the better....think of your ad as a window in a shop.....if the gallery picture grabs them, then they will step in the door for a closer look, but if when they step through all they get is that same gallery picture they are more likely to leave without investigating further.  So lots of photos from lots of angles (its like turning the item over in their own hand) everything.  Your photo got them in the door now wow them with a great looking ad (again these are available free on the net...just google 'free ebay templates')  Most of them are very easy to follow and no knowledge of HTML is usually necessary just follow the instructions on the website where you found them.  I use an easy to use HTML editor (also free) called Trellian Web Page which makes editing and inserting pictures a breeze.  You can also buy some very beautiful Auction Templates on ebay for a small price which you can use over and over again and these can be custom made with your logo (again that WOW factor) (check out a seller: 'In My Cedar Chest' for some of these and I must admit very Shabby Chic sort of templates)

Ok you have got the photo's organised....your template chosen now to write your item title.  This again is very important and sometimes I will rewrite a title several times before I am happy with it....reason being your title can either make a sale or break it.  When people search to buy they use key words eg: Shabby, antique, 1950's, Stafforshire (and other brand names) Authors names, clock, etc.  So be precise in your title words like wow, cheap, reduced etc are not words people normally use when searching so only add these if you have space left over from your descriptive title.  If your item is a well known brand name..then make sure to include that name in the title...if your item is something that was only avalable in the 1940's mention the year in the title.  The idea is to use as many key words as possible, and if you like think about the words you use when searching for a particular item.  This will allow buyers to find your items easier.  So take all of this into consideration when writing your title.

Description:  Again the more information you offer the buyer the easier it is for them to decide whether they want your item or not.  Describe your item in detail and include things like the size...measurments, the colour and don't forget if your item is used or has any faults matter how minor...list them.  The more honest you are in your description the more likely you are to get great feedback.  Trying to deceive a buyer is never a good thing and it will come back and bite you on the bum in the long be honest at all times.  Most buyers will overlook faults especially if what your offering is a hard to find item.

Questions....if you receive a question about your item..always make the effort to reply asap.  If a person has taken the time to make an enquiry about your item...they are a perspective buyer so be prompt and consice and dont forget be friendly.  Nobody likes to be ignored and more sales are lost by ignoring a customer than anything else.

Your item 'SOLD' first congratulations...send an invoice detailing postage and whether or not insurance, and I also like to include a thankyou note to the buyer.  Once payment has been received I like to leave feedback (after all the winning bidder has kept their part of the bargain and has paid you) I then email the buyer and let them know the day their item will be posted.  This gives them the general idea of when they can expect their item to arrive.  I then send a follow up email about 5 to 6 days after posting to make sure their item has arrived and they are happy with it.  Communication is the key to a happy buyer and a happy buyer means great feedback.

My rule is this.....Treat people they way you expect to be treated...its not hard.

Good luck and happy selling :) 

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