Selling on Ebay ~ Quick Tips

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~ Selling on Ebay... Some Quick TIPS ~

By Jasmines Jems...

Follow these tips to help ensure the most productive eBay selling experience.

  • Include a photo! Using Ebays Gallery feature is an Excellent way to promote your listing. Buyers are more likely to click on your auction if they can see a picture of it in the list view. Take the photo yourself and take the time to do it nicely (well lit, on a clean surface) if you want to bring in top dollar.


  • Start your listing at 99c unless you have a reason not to. You will recieve more bids and ultimately save on Fees too! Dont be impatient if the bids dont happen straight away, most Bids happen in the last hours or even minutes of your listing.


  • Be Clear about the item your selling! Describe your item as accurately as possible, warts and all. This will help you to build trust with your customers, as they will know EXACTLY what they are buying from you. It will also let Buyers Know that you are an Honest seller.


  • Include ALL shipping and Payment options. It Helps to be flexible regarding payment options. By accepting payment from PayPal, by personal check, by money order, and any other means at your disposal, you'll ensure that the greatest number of bidders has a chance to bid on your item. And include all your postage options in your listing, how many times have you been put off Bidding or buying an item because you can't be bothered asking how much postage is ect?! I have plenty of times lol


  • Time your listing Carefully. Listings that are scheduled to finish when nobody is likely to be watching will miss out on critical last-day and last-hour bids that can mean the difference between a huge sale and a huge disappointment. Itry and list my auctions at around 8pm, as more people are home from work ect.


  • Pack carefully and post quickly after payment. You've gone to all the trouble to make a sale, so don't ruin it by packing your item so poorly that it's damaged in transit or the buyer has to wait a long time to recieve it. Buyers that have a great buying experience will leave you positive feedback and buy from you again. Buyers that have a poor buying experience will leave negative feedback, will never buy from you again, and may also complain to eBay.
  • And last but not least, Answer all buyers questions quickly and accuratly! Buyers greatly appreciate this.


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