Selling on eBay

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Selling on eBay is very  easy. However, it is a little difficult to sell something succesfully. There are 2 major problems possible:

1. Nobody is biding my item

2. Winner of my item refused to pay for the item and would not get it

First of all, it is very important that you included of the neccessary details of your item as well as full information about cost of delivery + any extra costs. Another thing is to give time to your potential clients, so you item should be seen for no less than 2 days. I have seen many items which were not described properly (I was not sure what I will finaly get) or any extra fees and charges where not sure (it was not clear how much I have to pay finally if I won the auction). In both situation, I refused to take a risk and partricipate in the auction and many people will do it so your auction can be not successfull. People like to be sure whatthey are really going to buy and what is approximately total cost of the item to be. You can be suere also that nobody probably is going to take a part in biding of your item if you put there high cost of delivery and hundling. If you want to encourage as many people as it is possible to bid your auction, the extra costs should be as low as possible. Remeber also that not too many people if anyone will  be interested in your auction if the total cost, from the beginning, looks to be higher than the cost of similar item which thay can buy in some shop.

Your auction can be also unsuccesfull if the total cost of your item has reasonable starting cost but you included extremaly high cost of delivery. Not only it can be difficult to find anybody interested in your auction but eventhough someone who won the auction can finally refuse  to pay for the item and you really cannot dio anything about it too much. Rember that people, who would like to buy your item, are not stupid to overpay.

However, you can try to offer a secound chance to buy the item to a person who was biding a little bit lower and finally lost when the winner of the auction refused to pay for the item. It happened once to me when I was shopping on eBay. I did not win some ayuction. However, I got a message from the seller soon after the end of the auction that I can receive the item for the amount of money which I offered and was just a little bit lower from the winning bid. I decided to buy it and I need to say that it was very good deal.

There is really no perfect advice how to sell on eBay succesfully. You can use all possible adices but try to see how other people are selling and if it succesfull. Good luck!    

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