Selling online with eBay

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Once upon a time there was this thing called eBay.

No one knew what an eBay was but people seemed to like it.

In time people became attracted and embraced this thing called eBay.

They joined with it, fed and nurtured it, until it became the powerful entity it is today.

Once an unknown, it was now recognized world wide as one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. People flocked to it and praised its existance. Many traded their old way of life for this thing called eBay

This thing called eBay grew and swelled to enormous proportions, beyond anything anyone could have for seen. When this happened it became greedy, it begin to increased fees, 

It bought PayPal and things changed rapidly. It sooned begin to discriminate against those who nurtured it ( the supporters aka the sellers ) and burdened them with conditions, rules and regulations. It sought to attract strangers by making it open season on ebay sellers.

On the surface eBay seemed like a good place to be but beneath the surface lurked the dark side of eBay, that its sellers have been burdened with for years. New buyers who have no loyalty to eBay being allowed to ruin veteran sellers feedback percentage. Triple fees, 1. insertion fee, 2. final value fee, 3. PayPal fees. 

Unjust suspension based on false VeRO claims among other things., Sellers using multiple IDs to leave negative feedback for competitors. Very impersonal treatment in reguards to personal account problems. New DSR system designed to create new additional pressure on sellers and give buyers another way to hurt a sellers business on eBay where there is no transparency of their actions.

All under the guise of "Creating a better buying experience"

When in reality it is a move motivated by greed and the toxication effects of power.

What you should know today is that if you sell online and depend on these sells to make your living, you need "Job insurance" in the form of mutiple selling sites. 

After the advent of eBay several selling sites appeared. Using these additional sites will help promote your business even further and give more credibility to you as a serious seller to prospective buyers. It will give you a back up in case one of the other sites fails to perform as expected. 

In short it keeps you from putting all your eggs in one basket. and protects your independence as a online business owner.

Lastly having your own web site is the most economical to make money and avoid excessive fees. 

In addition not all seller sites charge a final value fee and they list your item for a month instead of a few day for a fraction of the cost you would expect to spend. There is a vast world out there for todays online business. Sellers need to take advantage and expand their presence on line. Advertisiing through as many internet venues as possible is the best way to grow awareness of your business or product.

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