Selling outside of eBay through wire transfer

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This guide is for those users considering selling an item to a buyer that was an eBay member when they brought the item but have since discontinued their membership. This guide should also be considered by those collecting funds via wire transfer.

Don't do it!!!

We have been satisfied members of eBay for the past six months, but have recently been subject to these problems. We are fortunate enough not to have followed through with the transactions.

So what happened? We listed an item on eBay with a 'buy now' option. We had two genuine questions from different buyers in the first two days and then a third buyer brought the item using the 'buy now' option. We thought this was ok, the buyer was located in Victoria - our home state. However, the buyer requested the item be sent to Nigeria. We sent the buyer our bank account details so that they could deposit the funds into the account before the item was to be sent. The buyer responded by sending us a wire transfer message. This method of payment is not recommended by eBay because some wire transfers are fraudulant. We requested that the buyer give us an Australian address and pay using the recommended methods. We did not hear back from this person. We later checked the details of this buyer and they had unsubcribed from eBay the day after they had brought the item. The buyer had also given an address with no street number and the wrong area code. We relisted the item three days later only to have the same problem occur, but with a different email and bidder name. Another point to note was the fact that the buyers contacted us through our emails after buying the items and avoided going through eBay. This makes it difficult for eBay to keep track of these problems, so we advise that you continue using eBay until the transactions are complete. If you have expereinced this type of problem or any other problems you should inform eBay's Security and Resolution Centre.

How do you know if the buyer is still a member? Go to your sold item and check the buyers details through there. If the member has delisted it will show up on eBay.

Need more help? Go to eBay A-Z help.

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