Selling your unwanted DVDs

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So you have hundreds of DVDs and are looking to cull your collection a little...whether it be to raise funds...make room or whatever. DVDs generally sell well on ebay..but many people go about selling the wrong way and end up either not selling half of them...or not getting enough for some.

The simplest way to sell a heap of DVDs is firstly to seperate them....say if you are selling 50 DVDs, find the best 10 or so (do an advanced search to see what they sell for) and listem them individually. I recommend starting at .99 as you pay less fees...and you will definately sell it at FMV.

Secondly...take the remaining DVDs (40 in this case) and sell it in 1-3 'LOTs'...the cheaper you can make the post per item...the better you will sell them for.

As an can get 20 DVDs into a 3KG Australia Post bag...retail cost about $ thats only 50c per DVD for the buyer..more for them to bid with...big lots are nice...but never sell as well...especially if you are general with the description as people may fear copies, wrong regions or ex-rentals.

As a guide...always list or at least take a visible photo of all the people know what they are getting.

One last point...leaving a few nice DVDs in a large lot is NEVER a bad thing....that one hard to get DVD might just push up the bids in your favour!
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