Sending jewellery by express mail / post , insured

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Q. Can jewellery sent express post through Australia Post be insured?

A. As of March 2009 the answer is NO!

Australia Post do not offer any insurance against loss or damage for any valuables including jewellery, gold, coins, etc sent via their Express Post options including express post and platinum express.

Buyers who request their items to be sent using either express post or platinum express pay for their items at their own risk when sent via these 2 methods.

The only way to securely insure valuables as per above is to have them sent via registered post with extra cover "formally known as additional insurance" paid for if required. Australia Post cover up to $100 when registered post is chosen, with up to $5,000 extra cover available for a cost of around $1.20 per each extra $100.

Australia Post will not compensate for valuables sent through regular mail including prepaid satchels.

So, to be sure your valuable items are covered against loss or damage, always insist on and pay for the registered service with extra cover if required.

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