Set up the VoiceMail icon on your unlocked iPhone

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   How to set up the VoiceMail icon on your unlocked iPhone

As some of you may have discovered for yourself already, the 'VoiceMail' button won't actually do anything on an unlocked iPhone.

All you have to do is dial:

*5005*86*_ _ _#

(In the _ _ _ section you need to dial in the number you normally would use to check your VoiceMail)

For example, I am with Telstra and the VoiceMail number is 101, so I would dial *5005*86*101#.

Now your VoiceMail should be set up, so that when you press the 'VoiceMail' button, it will call your VoiceMail.

Unfortunately most of you won't get text messages to notify you of a VoiceMail message, so usually if you have missed a call, it should display 'call blocked' or 'call failed', this normally means it's gone to VoiceMail.

Visual VoiceMail isn't supported by any Australian networks yet, so you'll have to settle for the standard type!

Hope that helps!
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