Setting Bidding Limits for Newbies

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How to stop paying too much for an item by setting a bidding limit.

There is much good advice on avoiding the last minute buying frenzy that can result in you paying too much for an item - and the value of setting a limit on the amount you are prepared to pay and sticking to it.  However how do you determine this bidding limit?  The answer is research and patience.  Yes - it's boring, but it's the only way. 

How to:

If the item you want is new then use a shopping search engine like or This will help determine the "retail" price for the item (inclusive of postage).  This is your absolute upper limit. 

Use eBay - watch a few of the items pass to end of auction - note the range of prices.  Work out a fair price that includes the postage cost (should always be below your researched upper limit).

Use the bidding techniques described in the guides and bid your amount.  Wait, if you are overbid - let it pass and bid on the next item.  Eventually the fair bid price will work.

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