Setting Up a Snooker Game Room 

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Snooker enthusiasts who have enough space in their house may want to set up their very own snooker game room. Having a dedicated snooker room means that a large snooker table isn’t cluttering up another part of the house, such as the living room, and it can also be a great place for friends or family members to socialise and spend some quality time together. Anyone lucky enough to be setting up a snooker room needs to consider the items that he or she will need.


Essential Items

There are a couple of items which are absolutely essential to a snooker game room. These are the items that buyers should purchase first. Other items are nice to have in a snooker room, but aren’t necessities.

Snooker Table

It wouldn’t be a snooker room without a snooker table, would it? Therefore, the first thing that buyers need to do is select their pool table. There are a number of factors to consider before making this important purchase. Snooker tables generally come with a set of balls, but if not, the buyer will need to purchase these separately.
Perhaps the most important considerations when buying a snooker table is the size. A snooker table that measures 2.75 metres by 1.375 metres is generally considered ideal and is the size used in the majority of professional competitions. However, don’t be fooled by people selling “regulation size” pool tables. Snooker is a deregulated sport, so all that regulation size means is that it has a ratio of 2:1 length to width. Therefore, theoretically, a table measuring 1 metre by 0.5 metre could be considered regulation, but wouldn’t be much good for playing snooker on. Smaller tables are fine, if the snooker room is on the small side, but balls can start to feel a bit crowded on tables of less than 2.4 by 1.2 metres.
Buyers need to think about the colour of both the frame and the felt. Frames are generally made from wood, so the colour chosen will probably depend on personal preferences. Buyers can find tables in all kinds of colours from dark mahogany to pale ash. The standard colour for snooker table felt is green, but tables can come with felt in all kinds of hues. Buyers might want to match the felt to the walls of the room or simply choose felt in their favourite colour.
Snooker tables can suit a range of budgets, so buyers need to decide how much they want to spend. Everyone likes a bargain, so it might be tempting to spend only a couple of hundred dollars on the new purchase. However, buying a high-end snooker table can work out better in the long run, as it will be of good quality and might last a lifetime.


The other essential items needed for a snooker room are some snooker cues. Otherwise players would just be looking at balls on a snooker table. It’s a good idea to purchase cues in a range of lengths, to suit the needs and preferences of various players who might step up to the table. Buying good-quality cues is advisable, as they will function better and last longer.


Non-Essential Items

Buyers who are creating a snooker game room on a tight budget can get away with having just the bare essentials. However, anyone who has a bit more money to play with might like to purchase some of these items, which are useful but not completely essential.

Cue Rack

A cue rack will hold any cues that the buyer might have bought. This will make the room look tidier and also help to keep the cues in good condition.



Rests are used for resting the cue on to make a tricky shot. These aren’t entirely necessary, but can be very handy during a game.



There are other ways of keeping score, a pen and paper will do the trick, but having a blackboard and some chalk to keep score looks more professional and allows all players and spectators to keep a better eye on how the game is progressing.


Buying Snooker Room Items on eBay

Anyone who wants to set up a snooker room may want to look on eBay for all their essential and non-essential snooker room items. Ebay has an excellent search function, so buyers just need to type what they’re looking for, such as “snooker table” or “snooker cue”, into the box at the top of the page and hit the button marked “Search”. It’s often possible to find some excellent deals both on new and used snooker-related items.


There’s a lot to think about when setting up a snooker game room, but with a little planning, it should be fairly straightforward. Buyers should look on eBay to find some great bargains on all the items they want or need.

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