Setting Your Waterbeds Temperature

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Generally speaking, Your Waterbed heater should never be set below 25c. At this low temperature the vinyl water mattress is more likely to develop stress fractures in the areas that flex the most.The cooler the vinyl is the harder it becomes.

At 25c The waterbed is considered to be slightly cool to neutral. If you find that your bed is around 25c or under. It is a sign that your Doona or bedding is hotter than what would be optimum for the best balance of temperature both above and below you. Or your bedroom's temperature at night is far warmer that it needs to be for getting the best rest possible.

It take's a change of around 2 degrees in temperature for most people to detect the change in the waterbed. So I suggest 27c as a good starting temperature as its just noticeably warmer than 25c. Then adjust the thickness of your bedding to suit.

We use a Doona that has 2 parts, 1 thin & 1 Medium that joins together making it thick. Providing 3 variations. Light for summer, thick for winter and medium for in between.

During summer, If we experience 26-28c during the night for a week or two. The bed gets turned down to 23c for the duration. Ceiling fans are a great help on those hot nights.

In the coldest part of winter it gets down to around 1c outside here in Melbourne. And the waterbed heater gets reset to 29-31c

If you are having trouble with you bed being either too hot or too cold and just can't seem to find the right temperature. Usually that is a symptom of insufficient insulation between you and the water mattress. Time for a new woolen overlay.

Having your waterbed a bit to warm can result in restless sleep, As your body tosses an turns trying to cool itself

I always say, When Your waterbed is at its best you get 8 hours worth of sleep in 6

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