Shock Absorbers Buying Guide

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Shock Absorbers Buying Guide

There is going to be a time in many people's lives when parts to a vehicle are going to wear out and need to be replaced. No matter how well a vehicle is maintained, parts like shock absorbers become faulty due to normal wear and tear on the vehicle.

Even though faulty shock absorbers are not going to keep a vehicle from running, they do affect the ride of the vehicle and can even create hazardous conditions if not replaced soon enough. That is why it is essential to learn about shock absorbers and the different types available before buying them for a vehicle. Shock absorbers are located at auto parts stores and online through eBay. Because not all shock absorbers are the same, it is important to know how to choose them when that time comes.

Overview of Shock Absorbers

Many people who are not familiar with the mechanics of a vehicle may not realise what shock absorbers do and how faulty ones can affect the overall performance of the vehicle. And they need to be aware that shock absorbers are also referred to as dampers. Although there are many other parts of a vehicle that break down and cause a crucial need for replacement as soon as possible, many people do not realise that replacing faulty shock absorbers as soon as possible is important as well.

Faulty shock absorbers can harm a vehicle because they are no longer holding the weight of the vehicle in a proper manner. When this component is no longer able to function efficiently, this means that other parts of the vehicle are subject to becoming damaged as well. Because bad shocks create the possibility of the front or rear end of a car to pitch forward or backward, other vehicle parts that are located in those areas risk becoming damaged, which can create additional safety problems. That it is why it is important for vehicle owners to understand the purpose of shock absorbers and how they affect the overall handling of the vehicle.

Purpose of Shock Absorbers

One of the purposes of shock absorbers is to support the weight of the vehicle; however that is not the primary purpose of the mechanical part. The main purpose of shock absorbers is to control the motion of the vehicle's suspension and springs. The shock absorbers provide resistance to the suspension to slow it down, and the more velocity the suspension has, the more resistance the shock absorber provides in order to allow the vehicle to handle a variety of road conditions.

Vehicle Handling and Performance

The shock absorbers aid in making the motions of the vehicle more fluid so that brake dive, acceleration squat, bounces, rolls, and sways are not experienced while the vehicle is in motion. Having a great set of new shock absorbers makes a big difference when it comes to how the vehicle manoeuvres and corners. Listed in the table below are various problems associated with faulty shocks and the notable characteristics of each which helps tp identify possible shock problems.


Notable Characteristics

Brake dive

Body of car lunges forward when brakes are applied after vehicle stops

Acceleration squat

Back end of vehicle dips down when accelerator pedal is used

Bounces and rolls

Uneven terrain causes vehicle to bounce and often pitch side to side while turning corners

One of the most common signs that shock absorbers need to be replaced is when the bouncing effect occurs. Any problem listed in the table above is able to create an unsafe driving condition, so it is important to have a vehicle experiencing these signs checked for possible shock absorber replacement as soon as possible. Over time, faulty shock absorbers can create damage to other vehicle parts which makes postponing the replacement even more costly.

Types of Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are a vital component in the suspension system of a vehicle. The most common types of shock absorbers for a vehicle are categorised as hydraulic shock absorbers. This type of shock absorber is designed to be used with the suspension's springs and cushions in order to dampen the shock effect of riding on rough terrains. There are various styles of shock absorbers available on the market to choose from.

Adjustable Shock Absorbers

An adjustable shock absorber is probably one of the most versatile types of shock absorbers on the market. This type of shock absorber is made to allow the person installing it to have the freedom to choose the dampening effect that the shock places on the other suspension components, and is a popular type because the settings are able to be locked in permanently if desired.

Adjustable shock absorbers usually have cylinders that are threaded which increase the flexibility and coverage area allowing for increased heat removal. There are a wide variety of brand new shock absorbers available, so it is relatively easy for people to find ones that suit their personal needs while keeping in mind the needs of the vehicle as well.

Air Shock Absorbers

Another type of damper is the air shock absorber. The components of this type of shock absorber are the fluid, the air chamber, and the iron piston. Many people prefer this type of shock absorber because of the stiffness that it provides over other models of shock absorbers. Some brand new shock absorbers often come with the addition of a rubber cylinder which is designed to give the suspension springs more functionality.

Mono Tube Shock Absorbers

A mono tube shock absorber is one that uses oil and comes in a variety of styles to choose from. It differs from some other types in that it has one tube-like chamber that includes two valves. People who have large vehicles often choose this type of shock absorber because of the exceptional durability that it is capable of offering. Since this type of shock absorber is built to last, many times new mono tube shock absorbers are great choices for vehicles that receive a lot of off-road use.

How to Buy Shock Absorbers on eBay

Because eBay has a wide selection of auto parts for great deals, such as shock absorbers, many people turn to eBay to fill this need over purchasing this vehicle part anywhere else. It is easy to find the right shock absorber for your vehicle by performing a keyword search for the type desired.

For example, if you want have a Jeep that needs heavy duty mono shocks and you desire ones that are brand new, all you need to do is to type keywords such as "brand new Jeep mono tube shock absorbers", and all items tagged with those keywords are returned for you to browse through. Clicking on an item also allows you to read the full item description for additional information about the item.


When shocks start to wear down and become faulty, the signs are often very noticeable. One of the problems that people have when it comes to knowing when to replace shock absorbers is not knowing what causes reactions to road conditions like rolling, pitching, or bouncing. Replacing shocks is important because it helps to prevent further damage to the vehicle and also ensures the vehicle handles more safely.

Replacing shock absorbers when they become faulty also offers a smoother ride as well. Not all shock absorbers are designed in the same way, and one style can be more beneficial for a particular vehicle than another style. Becoming familiar with some of the types of shock absorbers available can aid a person in finding the right ones for replacement needs.

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