Shopping For Your Body Shape

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Dressing for your Body Shape


Hi girls! Don't we all know how hard it is buying clothes on eBay, or in a shop without trying it on, getting it home trying it on, and it looks awful!

Do you wonder why some clothes look great on your best friend, but look shocking on you?

Its not about whether your a size 8, or a size 28, tall or short, curvy or boy like, there are some simple points to remember in dressing to look your best and suit your body shape.

Just remember that less than 2% of the world's population are supermodels who look fab in anything, so the rest of us can just fake it and enjoy in the fact that its okay to eat chocolate for tea!

Every body shape is different, so not all styles will suit everybody. You can still look gorgeous and sexy without looking tarty and overexposed. It all about dressing for your body shape.

Big Boobs: Stay away from high necklines (that's including skivvies, high chinese collars and any sort of button up high neckline!) They wont hide your boobs they will just look like they are joined to your neck. Low styles include V necks, wrap tops, scoop necks and anything that is at least 10-15cm away from the bottom of your neck. Stay away from bulky knitted items as they will just make you look bigger.

No Boobs:  You can wear higher neckline. And tighter clothes. And bra-less without worrying that your boobs are going to hang to the floor (lucky you! - as a woman unblessed with big boobs i envy you!) Styles that suit are skivvies, boat-necks, spaghetti straps, tight tops and glittery and sequinned tops. You can also get away with chunkier knits too for winter, and more busy/detailed tops.

Not so great legs: A style I love is wearing mini skirts or dresses over jeans or leggings. As long as the skirt part is flowy and does'nt cling to your widest part. Remember if your top/dress stops at your widest part it will draw attention to it, especially if you are wearing contrasting colours. So you can get away with short skirts/dresses as long as you cover up your widest part in a flowing (not clingy) fabric.

Skinny legs: Wear skinny jeans, they were made for you! You can also wear mini skirts or short dresses, if you a bit worried about showing off too much leg, just wear some stocking or leggings underneath. Even though you have perfect legs, never ever wear tapered trousers (the ones that are slimmer at the ankle) unless you are over 90 years old, they are never ever flattering on anybody.

Short legs: As above, never wear tapered trousers. And chuck out all those 3/4 pants and leggings they make you look shorter than you are. The only time you can get away with 3/4 leggings as if its over a loose dress (higher than knee height), and high wedges or heels as they will make you look taller. Never wear 3/4 pants with thongs or sneakers unless you are going to the gym!

Un-flat Tummy: Even though you think that wearing a smock top will hide all your wobbly bits, you are far from right. (Especially if you have big boobs - it will make your boobs look like they join to your belly button!) You are better off wearing a top or dress that is fitted at the bust/waist area, and flows over your belly and hips. Or if you like the looser styles, wear a belt under the bust (us lovely ladies are thinnest just under our bust) it gives an impression that we are skinnier than we really are and we all love that!

Saddlebags (excess weight on side of hips): These are god-dam awful! I have these and no matter how long im at the gym they never go away! (thanks mum for the saddlebag gene!). The only way to hide them is wide leg pants! They are the best. And don't be scared in buying a pair that are bigger than you normally wear, you can always take the waist in. It looks so much better if you wear pants that look too big (because people think you have lost weight!) than trying to squeeze into pants and you are too scared to sit down in case they rip up the bum (it will look like you have put on weight!) If you don't like buying bigger clothes, cut the tag out so nobody knows what size you are! Also, ever ever buy fabric that is cut on the bias, it will just cling to your saddlebags and look awful.

Buying Jeans: If the jeans have decent stretch buy a smaller pair than you wear because they will stretch up to an inch. It will take a few wears but you will find that after a little bit they will fit perfect and mould to your body shape. If they are a rigid denim, buy the same size or if you have saddlebags buy a size bigger as jeans never fit me on the thighs. You can allways take the waist in. Girls with not so great legs, you can buy skinny jeans, but just remember to cover you widest part in a long top or dress, and wear heels to make you look tall and slim. Also try to buy jeans that are all the same colour, dark denim is smarter and make you look slimmer. If you buy jeans with fading over your widest part, or down the legs and bum, it will draw attention to that area. Bootleg is a great style for all body shapes. Also mid-rise styles are great for hiding a tummy. Low rise are harder to pull off as most styles will give you a muffin top. Wide leg are also great for ladies with thick ankles and saddlebags, but just remember to buy a pair that touch the floor and arent too short.

Big ankles: Only a few rules for this, please don't wear 3/4 pants, especially with sneakers (only at the gym!) If you dont like them, cover them up. And ankle straps are a big nono on shoes as they will make you ankles look huge! Give your feet "Toe Cleavage", same rule applies with big boobs, only buy straps that are a maximum 10cm from your toes. And buy in neutral skin tones which makes your legs look slimmer. For winter, a great place to buy boots is Widewidths on the internet, they are expensive but if you want want knee high boot that fit, these are the best ive come across!

Big bum: Don't ever wear jackets that sit on the bum, invest in 3/4 length jackets that are fitted at the waist and flares over your bum. Also wear wide leg pants and if you love you bum, wear tight dresses and skirts that cling to you bum and then drops below (men love bums!). Also a shift dress is a big N.O, as they just look awful on you as they are normally a rigid fabric and they will just ride up over the day. If you like to show off you bum, invest in tight stretchy fabric (not clingy). But if you want to cover up, invest in loose flowing fabric that flows over your bum.

Flabby arms: Kimono tops and 3/4 sleeve tops are great! Stay away from cap sleeves with bands that cut your arm in half. Most ladies that have big boobs, tend to have big arms too (genes again!) You can wear tops that are fitted on the body and flowy on the sleeves, like hippy/boho tops.

Also last but not least, you must BE CONFIDENT in your clothes! That is more sexy than walking while holding your mini skirt down while you are worried about it riding up. Sexy does'nt mean slutty. If you are dressing to attract men, they don't get the latest fashions, but if you wear clothes that suit you and you can wear with confidence that is whats attractive to them! When you put on something, and think "I'm not sure", immediately put it back because you are better off having a few awesome items in your wardrobe that lots of stuff that makes you look awful!

Please email me if any question! I also offer personal one on one shopping to suit any budget if you need help with your wardrobe.

Happy shopping!!





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