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Buying clothes has always been frustrating for majority of men. Finally, thanks to eBay, men can buy almost every article of clothes they want online, without all the frustration of traditional shopping. Although you can't touch the fabric or try on the clothing item, following these tips can teach you the Bible of buying clothes online.


1. Measure yourself- Pick every different clothing item you have that fit perfectly and measure it. This way you’ll know right measure of every piece of clothes you will be buying online. Also measure your chest, waist, hips, arm length and inseam, as some online stores will ask for your body measurements. Another thing to consider is that different labels have different measures. Know your label measures before buying online. you'll be able to measure yourself easily step by step at this guide.


2.  Is What you see is what you get

Although Online shopping is easy and fun, you should spend time to research and check item before you purchase. important to see is that items description is match for the item pictures. always read the small letters!


3. Know what you are buying

If site isn’t providing enough information about their clothes, don’t buy there. To make decision on buying, you’ll need to be informed as much as possible. Look for sites with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos and dimensions and sizing information.


4. Protect yourself

To protect yourself when buying clothes online, look for sites that include:
- adequate address and contact details, 
- return, exchange, or refund policies,
- info about disputes resolution processes,
- Use Pay-Pal, it is absolutely the most secure and easiest way on eBay.

This way you’ll be able to redress if things go wrong.


5. Pricing

Don’t overpay for items. Compare prices with your local retail stores, but don’t forget to include extra costs (delivery, insurance, tax and customs) you may have with Online purchases. Also, look over eBay other shops and compare prices. compare the price by the fabric type and the quality of the clothing. more specification on item means more accurate knowledge for you and also less place to "misleading" or "misunderstanding"

6.  Item condition

though there are a various type and a great variety of item second- hand, and in good condtion- when it comes to clothing there is nothing like a new item. this is the best way to ensure garment durability and quality. after all you don't know which sweaty guy has wear it before, or what it have gone throw (if you know what i'm saying)  If you are buying a new Item, it is very important to see that seller specify that this item is NEW, WITH TAGS.


7. Find valuable info at forums

Read what other people who also buy clothes online have to say. at eBay Groups or discussion boards or even at member-to-member question and answer center forum , are great places to find valuable info on bargains, discounts, best stores. Also very valuable info you get at these forums are recommendation or warnings about experiences that some forum members had with some sellers, which can save you from throwing hard earned money. And that’s always a good thing.


8. Customize

Use some of the greatest aspects of buying clothes online: custom-made clothes. Not all the stores can provide that, but the ones that do (example: mens clothing store) you can design your own pants. You choose color, length, waist size, style and more. There are also many good tailor services online that will tailor your suits and formal clothes at better prices than your local tailor.

9. Ask

There is saying that path to knowledge is to ask.  FAQ (frequently asked question) is the fastest way to get answer on most typical common questions. If you can't find your answer in FAQ, don't be shy - Ask seller whatever you want to know before deciding on buying your clothing item. Sometimes, by asking you will be able to find new clothes that may not be yet posted on the site.  Contact seller by eBay message (question about certain item), e-mail or phone (if provided) with any question that is not answered on the site.


10. Customer service

A good customer service = good seller. An excellent Customer Service is- 24/7 nonstop service. this will enable to give costumers a unique  experience and to provide a great shopping experience . an Item with a great customer service behind it will ensure that your order will be dealt until full satisfaction.

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